FLADEN Loaded Barbless Freshwater Accessories Box

In this box is all the terminal tackle that the angler requires to go freshwater fishing. Set contains Barbless Hooks to Nylon – Sizes 8 & 12, Maxximus Tournament 250m 4.4lbs Line, 100 4mm Assorted Colour Beads, Barrel Swivels – Size 6, Snap Swivels – Size 14, Interlock Snap Swivels – Size 8, Assorted Float Tubes, 1/2 Pint Plastic Bait box, 2 Bubble Floats, Line Clip Scissors, 2 River/Lake Waggler Floats, 2 Pole Floats, Catapult, Disgorger and Mixed Split Shot.


Model No. Colour / Type EAN RRP
19-103 Barbless 7392080020997 £49.99


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